Is the dining room a thing of the past?

Is the dining room a thing of the past?

I love Christmas. For me, there’s nothing better than gathering family and friends together to eat, drink and be merry.

Most of us will remember Christmas Day as a formal affair with everyone crammed into a seldom used dining room that was far too small for all those extra guests. I’ve often pondered why so many families only use their dining rooms at Christmas.

With the dining room catching dust for the rest of the year, could this be the end of the line for conventional spaces? It certainly appears so if the first lady of home entertaining is anything to go by…

Yes, our very own Mary Berry has broken with tradition and admitted that she has traded her dining room for a larger kitchen diner. The former Great British Bake-Off judge recently revealed that she and her husband only used their dining room at Christmas and this prompted her to rip hers out in favour of a more sociable room for cooking and dining.

Mary isn’t the only one embracing the demise of the dining room though - it’s estimated that just half of Britons feel the dining room is necessary, preferring to eat, relax and entertain in the kitchen instead.

And, with more than half a million British dining rooms set to be demolished next year, the nation has clearly fallen for open-plan living.

Going open-plan makes a lot of sense for a new generation of homeowners who aren’t afraid of knocking down walls or extending their homes to create bigger living areas. Multi-functional rooms use every inch of space and, perhaps more importantly, bring families together every day – not just at Christmas.

And, thanks to advances in more energy efficient building materials like glass, these spaces are warm and welcoming, not cold and gloomy anymore.

So, if you’re dining room has become superfluous and you’re thinking about going open-plan in 2018, do check out our blog from November. It has some brilliant tips on planning your scheme, however big or small.

In the meantime, have a happy Christmas and here’s to an exciting new year ahead - wherever your dining space may be!