7 Big interior design trends for 2018

7 Big interior design trends for 2018

So, here at the end of February already! If you’re anything like us at REAL Aluminium, you’ll be ready to whip your home into shape this year, so here’s all the inspiration you need with our top seven picks for 2018.

1. Urban chic

The industrial look is a trend that’s getting more and more popular. Inspired by old factories and large industrial spaces, this style is characterised by stripped-back architecture and salvaged objects. The key to an urban interior is to mix rough weathered wood surfaces, exposed bricks, bare concrete and lots of metal for a perfectly unfinished look.

If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings and large window openings, you can make the most of them with crisp aluminium windows, bi-folding doors and rooflights to really nail the industrial look.

2. Rich shades

Forget pale hues - strong and sophisticated shades are the big trend this year for walls and furnishings. Rich charcoal and midnight blue are bang on trend and easy to complement with sumptuous fabrics and luxurious accessories.

Don’t forget that dark pigments will absorb more light than paler neutrals though, so try to allow as much natural daylight in as possible. Ultra slim-framed aluminium windows and doors will achieve this and help you to make the most of your views.

3. Dark woods

This year, design pundits predict that we’ll be going bolder with dark oak, walnut and mahogany adding depth and luxury to contemporary rooms. Go for big pieces of furniture and accessorise with glass and metal to bounce light around the room.

Darker toned aluminium, such as grey and black, will really complement the deep polished finish of wood and work well with this look.

4. Textures

Velvet and leather are billed as designer favourites for opulent soft furnishings, whilst a mix of weathered woods, woven textures and natural materials achieve a more relaxed rustic trend.

Team whichever textures you like with windows and doors in white, grey or black to achieve a neat, uncluttered finish.

5. Scandi style

Modern Scandi style is billed to be as popular as ever this year. ‘Lagom’ is the latest Swedish trend since the Danish ‘hygge’ movement and it’s all about living a frugal, yet fruitful life with not too much or too little of anything. What we particularly like about lagom is how it can translate easily to our surroundings. For our homes, this is all about creating a balance and not doing unnecessary or superfluous things and just concentrating on what’s essential and functional.

This Scandi look is simple to achieve by mixing mid-century and contemporary style furniture with tactile materials like wood and sheepskin. The clean, slim lines of aluminium windows and doors are bang on trend and complement the pared-back, cosy Scandinavian look perfectly. Black aluminium looks particularly striking with this style.

6. Metallics

Homeowners are moving away from brushed silver finishes and heading towards high shine metals like copper, brass and nickel, which make a real style statement and add a natural warmth to rooms. Accents of metallics work particularly well with the strong dark shades and rich jewel tones that are also big in 2018.

Allow them to shine in their own right by balancing them other accessories in neutral colours.

7. Statement front doors

Design trends aren’t just restricted to the inside of our homes - show-stopping front doors are officially on the up too! Searches on Pinterest for ‘colourful doors’ have more than doubled this year, with homeowners braving bold shades like hot pink and peacock blue to let their personalities shine.

It’s worth remembering that maintenance-free composite doors now come in virtually every conceivable shade and some can even be fitted in an aluminium frame to match your aluminium windows.

Whatever your style, enjoy making it your own in 2018.

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