Making the most of daylight with a flat rooflight

Making the most of daylight with a flat rooflight

Let’s face it, the British climate can be somewhat unpredictable, so it’s probably no surprise that natural light is one of the most important features that buyers look for when choosing a property.

Light is fundamental to our wellbeing, but so often our homes are severely lacking in it, with those dark, gloomy spaces doing little for our state of mind. So, what are the best ways to use natural light as a trick to brighten spaces and make them feel bigger?

Skylights, such as flat glass rooflights and roof lanterns, can really help to flood spaces with light, especially if they’re teamed with wide opening doors such as bi-fold doors or sliding doors. In this blog we’re taking a closer look at flat rooflights.

So, what is a rooflight?

A rooflight is a key architectural tool that can bring in up to 40 per cent more light into a room than a conventional vertical window. Quick and cost effective to install, flat rooflights are one of the easiest ways to bring natural light in to buildings without compromising on valuable wall space or adding to the height of the roof.

A flat rooflight is a retro-fit product, which means that it can be just as easily incorporated into an existing extension as a new build.

Flat rooflights are becoming increasingly popular because they suit many different applications, including new builds and conversions and they can be easily retro-fitted into existing roofs. They’re also ideal for homes with flat roofed extensions, which can often feel dark because of a lack of direct sunlight.

Flat rooflights are perfect for protected buildings such as barns too, where new window openings in the walls are often not permitted. And the great news is that, because flat rooflights are more discreet from the outside than a lantern and don’t overlook neighbouring properties like windows do, they’re often exempt from planning permission.

Positioned above a staircase, in a living or dining space, or over a kitchen island, a glass flat rooflight will bring in significantly more light than an average window. Don’t think you have to install just one flat rooflight in a room though – you can fit a run of flat rooflights to add tonnes of extra light – and wow factor – to a dark space.

The best flat rooflights should look frameless from the inside to bring in maximum daylight and draw the eye upwards. The REAL Aluminium Flat Rooflight, for instance, features a 27% slimmer overall frame height than other systems to achieve a beautiful flush glazed look with minimal internal and external sightlines. Its minimalist design really creates the look and feel of a roof that’s open to the sky, whilst maximising the flow of light into the room. When combined with REAL Aluminium windows, bifold doors or sliding patio doors, they can help you to completely transform of your home.

If you would like to let more light into your home, see the range of REAL Aluminium products in our retail brochure.