Do Aluminium Windows Cause Condensation?

Do Aluminium Windows Cause Condensation?

With the cold weather upon us, we all want to cosy up and keep warm. More of you will probably notice condensation on your windows during the chilly winter months and we often get asked ‘do aluminium windows cause condensation?’ So, here’s our handy guide to window condensation where we’ll answer all your questions about it.

What is condensation?

Interior condensation is caused by moisture in your house when water vapour in the air comes into contact with the cold surface of the window and turns into liquid. Water vapour is common in most homes and it’s caused by daily activities like showering, cooking, drying clothes indoors and even breathing.

Condensation is often more noticeable during the winter when it’s warmer inside than outside. You’ll see it either as misted up windows or as pools of water at the bottom of your window.

Exterior window condensation is simply dew and it occurs when the window is colder than the dew point.

Do single glazed windows suffer less from condensation?

You may notice that older single glazed windows seem to suffer from condensation less and this is because they aren’t as airtight and therefore let air pass through them. During the winter this will make your home feel more draughty and lead to higher heating bills.

Is condensation more common in newer homes?

Modern buildings are much better insulated and use higher performance materials to prevent heat loss. In older buildings that are less well insulated air flow changes are more frequent, which naturally helps to reduce condensation. In modern buildings the water vapour that causes condensation is unable to escape in in the same way, which means that it will often settle on windows.

Should I worry about condensation?

Some condensation on your windows is actually a good thing – it shows that your windows aren’t letting draughts in, so you shouldn’t worry if there is a small amount of condensation on them. Opening them occasionally to let some fresh air circulate will help to clear condensation.

Will aluminium windows cause condensation?

Whether your window is made from aluminium, timber or PVCu, the possibility of condensation forming on the inside always exists because every home will have some degree of humidity. However, having aluminium windows does not in itself cause condensation.

If you have old, single glazed windows in your home then modern double glazed aluminium windows will help to improve the current level of condensation. This is because the multi-chambers and advanced thermal properties of aluminium frames and the high specification of modern double or triple glazing will be much better than single glazed windows and non-insulated frames.

The high-quality double glazing used in aluminium windows will also help to prevent the transfer of air between the glass panes to reduce condensation, but nothing can completely eliminate it.

What about condensation on the outside of my windows?

Condensation on the outside of double glazed windows is nothing to worry about – it shows that your windows are working as they should be. However, if the area between the two glass panes is misting up, it is likely that the sealed unit is failing and it should be investigated.

REAL Aluminium windows are extremely weather and watertight so you should never notice any condensation between the glass.

How can I get rid of condensation?

In most cases, condensation will clear by itself. However, if you notice water pooling at the bottom of your window, it’s a good idea to dry and clear it away as mould can eventually form. You should also try to let the air circulate around your home by opening the windows to allow fresh air in - just a few minutes a day can make a difference. Hang your washing out to dry outside whenever possible and always ventilate rooms when cooking and showering.

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