Could Picture Windows Add a Wow Factor to your Home?

Could Picture Windows Add a Wow Factor to your Home?

It’s hard to believe that a year ago, we were plunged into the so-called ‘Beast from the East’, with widespread snow and Arctic temperatures. Fast forward 12 months, and we had the warmest February on record!

With Easter just around the corner, and the weather improving, you might be starting to think about home improvements and one design trend that’s going to be big this year is the aluminium picture window. So, what is a picture window and could one add ‘wow’ to your home? Our guide will help you see the light…

What is a picture window?

Designed to frame a view and let in lots more light, the picture window is a basic square or rectangle shape with a large fixed pane of glass and low-profile frames for an unobstructed outlook. A picture window typically doesn’t open, so it looks clean and uncluttered and, because it draws the eye to the views beyond, it makes spaces feel much bigger.

What’s the best way to use a picture window?

Architects and designers love a picture window and there are a number of ways you can work one into your home.

Picture windows work best when they’re positioned to capture the view outside, so a simple style with a large pane of glass is a classic choice. Another design tip is to add opening casement windows on to either side of your picture window to increase ventilation and add more light.

If you have a wide space, you could run a series of picture windows from floor to ceiling to make a stunning wall of glass. And if you’re lucky enough to have very high walls or a vaulted ceiling, you can fill the empty wall with a single picture window or a cluster of windows. This will draw the eye up and illuminate the entire space.

What are the frame options?

The most affordable option is PVCu, but the frames tend to be thick. Timber is another option, but hardwood or engineered timber can be pricey. Aluminium has the slimmest profile, which makes for virtually uninterrupted views.

How big can it be?

The larger the pane of glass, the heavier and more expensive it will be. The largest unit of toughened glass that can be cut here in the UK is six metres high by three metres wide.

Is it easy to do?

Installing a picture window is fairly simple but, if you’re planning to replace a smaller opening with a bigger one, you will need to knock bricks out and install a new lintel. Most people choose to have one fitted by a FENSA-certified company that can supply certificates to prove that the windows and the installation itself are fully compliant.

If you’re opting to install a picture window yourself, then you will need to comply with Building Regulations. Find out more by visiting the Planning Portal Online.

Will I need planning permission?

This is a relatively simple home improvement, so it won’t usually require planning permission. It is wise to check that your project will come under permitted development or if you need to apply for planning permission though. Take a look here for more information about planning permission.

Adding new windows is a big decision, so why not take a look at the REAL Aluminium range for more style ideas before you get started?

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