Five Top Design Trends for 2020

The New Year – it’s that classic time when many of us make resolutions and set goals for the year ahead. If you’re planning to update your home this year and need a little inspiration, then read on to find out more about the biggest design trends that will be hitting interiors. From global to glamour, here’s our pick of the best.

Trend one: Simple chic

Last year was all about rich, dark shades but this year’s first trend ‘simple chic’ is fresher and more understated. This look is all about being relaxed and comfortable rather than full on minimalist, so choose pale shades for walls and team with artisan-style raw materials and tactile pieces - then layer on textures to add interest and warmth.

This look is fresh and bright, so it’s worth thinking about how you can bring extra light into your scheme. Use plenty of lamps to create a relaxed ambience at night, but don’t forget about the importance of natural light in the day too. With their ultra-slim frames, aluminium windows and doors maximise the amount of light in a room.

Trend two: Modern glamour

A development on the art deco movement of last year, this is 2020’s bold and stylish take on glamour. This grown up look merges classic thirties sophisticated elegance with seventies-style glam.

You can get the Deco meets mid-century style by choosing shapely furniture with rounded curves and opulent fabrics, like satin, jacquard and velvet. Pick rich shades, such as royal blue, teal or ruby, mixed with warmer tones of rose and bronze.

And don’t forget to add extra bling with a few metallic touches – gleaming gold, brushed brass and polished copper all work well.

Trend three: Japandi

Japandi is a stylish hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian style that’s very big right now, and you’ll love this trend if you like uncluttered spaces, clean lines and calm, neutral tones. Taking the sleek elegance of Japanese design and mixing it with modern, rustic Scandi style, this look is really warm and inviting.

The key to achieving this look is to use contrast wherever you can. Mix the light natural hues that are characteristic of Nordic style with richer tones and work in stained wood, bamboo and eye-catching accessories in traditional Japanese colours, like black and red.

Aluminium windows and doors complement this stripped-back look perfectly, particularly if they’re black or anthracite grey.

Trend four: Tropical revival

This bold, zingy trend is a celebration of nature and, this year, botanical prints will be mixed with a softer colour palette for a look that’s a little easier on the eye. Palm leaves are a hallmark of this look and you can introduce them through a bold fabric or wallpaper design.

Go for colours in leaf green or mustard, fine taupe and blue and integrate texture with key materials like velvet, cotton, wood and leather.

This look is strong, so it’s wise to go for a clean, unfussy backdrop - sleek slim-framed aluminium windows and simple window dressings are ideal.

Trend five: Global adventure

This trend is an eclectic journey, mixing globally-inspired patterns, such as Indian flocks and oriental brocades, with earthy tones and rugged textures to create a sumptuous, handcrafted look.

Textiles and walls in vivid pigments, like terracotta, umber, mulberry and red work well teamed with inlaid furniture in darker tones. Look out for embellished mirrors, tarnished metallics and earthenware to complete the look.

This trend is full-on, so make sure that the fixed elements of your room, like windows, doors and floors let it shine. Crisp and understated, aluminium windows and doors will complement the global look really well.

Keep a look out for these five on-trend looks in 2020 and don’t forget to take a look at the REAL Aluminium product range to complete the look. Why not get in touch today to find your nearest REAL installer?